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Los Angeles Thai Massage Reviews

Please note that Google has shifted formats many times recently, converting Google Maps into Gooogle+. In the process of doing so, Google has dropped a few of the reviews that I once had.

I saved previous versions of my page at Google Maps and Google+ as a guard against dropped reviews (I had been previously been extorted by Yelp to advertise...when I said "no", I lost 70% of my reviews overnight...Yelp engages in a policy that amounts to "cyber-extortion" with business owners).

Here is the previous version of Google Maps that had the 39 reviews I had earned up to 2011:

Google Maps 1

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Google+ Reviews:

How I found Daniel was I noticed a HUGE approved difference in the way my friend was walking (he does martial arts and is a security/bodyguard needless to say a badass) but he had some injuries that compromised his walking so I inquired to how and what he did and he directed me to Daniel. He had nothing but the best things to say, that he just wants to fix you, won't have you keep coming in for no reason and that's what he does, HE FIXES YOU!!! I came in to see Daniel because I had a frozen shoulder for year and a half and boy was it! I went to acupuncture with two different people, did ultrasound and countless massage treatments...TWO TREATMENTS WITH DANIEL I can lift my arm I can hang from a bar that I couldn't even reach the bar because my muscles were so tight. Yes it hurt but it hurt just right!!! Thank you Daniel I was starting to lose hope!!! -Kimberly

Just stop looking, this guy is the best. You'll have to wait until he returns to L.A. because he's continuing to deepen his training in Thailand, but he is already far better than any Thai massage person or any other body worker of any kind that I've ever encountered - and I've seen all types from chiropractic, cranial-sacral, Bowen, Rolfing, prolotherapy, acupuncture, rebalancing, Neuromuscular Recalibration, etc., etc., etc. Daniel Carr gave me back body functionality I haven't had for 40 years, when everyone else told me I'd just have to live with it and expect it to gradually get worse. Go see him. -David

I suffered from severe frozen shoulder, and I initially saw a orthopedic surgeon, who game me a cortisone short, which only loosened my shoulder for a very short time, my shoulder was so bad, I could not raise my arm beyond the height of my hip, and could not reach for anything without suffering searing radiating pain up my arm. I was told by the doctor my only recourse was surgery. Surgery was not something I wanted and wanted other options. I knew a friend fo mine was seeing Daniel for therapy, and asked if he might possibly help my shoulder. Daniel gave me a consultation, and although I said it was my shoulder, he determined that root of my problem was my neck, and asked if I'd ever been rear ended (I had), and in my first visit, he was able to get me to lift my arm to shoulder height. I'm now able to raise my arm completely, in the air, still some rehab to do, so I don't reinjure myself, but I have to say, Daniel fixed me. Everyone sees what a miracle Daniel has worked with me, and I can't say enough to sing Daniel's ability to fix the problem, no matter what it is. Daniel has the most integrity I've ever seen in someone who is out there to truly fix someone. -Cindy