Thai Massage

Thai Massage's power to heal chronic pain is not fully understood in the West. In fact, it is little understood by most of the therapists practicing it. Most of the therapists using Thai Massage to heal are only using a fraction of its potential to heal chronic pain...akin to "Standing On A Whale, Fishing For Minnows".

Thai Massage is a complete system of bodywork based on the "Sen" meridians or "energy lines" of the body. It is a profound creation, unique to Thailand, and as much of a gift to the rest of the world as Yoga is from India and Tai Chi and acupuncture are from China.

Thai Massage utilizes a combination of pressure point manipulation of the peripheral nervous system and stretching techniques to facilitate a comprehensive treatment for all types of chronic pain and sports injuries.

Thai Massage is without equal in locating and treating the deepest scar tissue adhesions that are the foundations of chronic pain and can also be used as a stress-reduction treatment in aiding complete relaxation of the body.

It provides improved athletic performance through specific flexibility and range of motion enhancement techniques. As such, it has a capacity for deep tissue massage and sport massage that it is without rival.

Thai Massage has a history of over 2,000 years. Some of the best Buddhist minds in Asia have been refining this art since Buddha appointed the physician Shivagakomarpaj to collect all of the techniques for bodywork that existed at that time and catalogue them into a comprehensive system of treatment.

There is no other system of bodywork that has this kind of a history of refinement...and there are no better practitioners of this art than the highest level Blind Massage Therapists of Thailand.

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Google+ Reviews:

"Training for my first triathlon at age 40, biking and running numbers were decent, but swimming numbers weren't great. I was a strong swimmer when I was young but now, scar tissue in my shoulder, probably from martial arts injuries when I was a kid, was keeping me from getting full arm extension on my swim-stroke. I tried other bodyworkers but none could fix my shoulder. After one session with Daniel, I could feel the improvement in my arm extension. After the second session, Daniel got almost full rotation in the shoulder and I was able to finish my first triathlon, posting a respectable finish in my age group. The bigger benefit was relief from the chronic neck and shoulder pain that I have experienced for years." -Jeff

"Pain relief: Suffering from what was diagnosed as an impinged shoulder, the prescribed physical therapy did nothing to improve my condition or relieve my pain and may have worsened my condition. Shoulder and arm mobility declined with each passing day, down to about 30%. In one session, Daniel Carr was able to free the impingement and brought mobility back to 60%. By the end of the second session, mobility was back to 98%...I am firmly convinced that if Daniel had not worked on my shoulder, it would now be frozen-stiff and I would be in a world-of-hurts instead of resuming all my normal activities." -Name Withheld

"I will keep this simple. My brother treated me to a thai massage session with Daniel Carr while I was visting him in Santa Monica. I live in the New York area. In that one session, Dan relieved more chronic pain and constrictions affecting my motion and posture than all the "treatments" from doctors, chiros, masseurs, PT bucket shops and trainers...I am busy accumulating my airline points for another visit from New York to Dan as soon as I can." -Abe