I have done my utmost to study with the best people doing bodywork both in Thailand and the USA. This journey has lead to me forming longstanding relationships with Yong Kiat in Bangkok and Dr. Rong Rong Zheng in San Francisco, and both are masters at healing chronic pain through bodywork and massage.

Yong Kiat is among the top massage therapist in Thailand given his encyclopedic command of Thai Massage techniques and routines, while Dr. Rong Rong Zheng is likewise without equal in executing Tui Na, the Chinese bodywork system done in conjunction with acupuncture, as well as Medical Chi Kung (this while still consulting at UCSF in the field of oncology and combined Eastern and Western therapies treating cancer patients as she maintains a thriving acupuncture practice in San Francisco treating every kind of illness in her 70's).

Many times this kind of training is done without a certificate being earned. In fact, the most useful training sessions I have ever had have been in one-on-one private sessions with Yong Kiat and Dr. Rong Rong Zheng where no certificates have been issued. It was during these sessions that the bulk of the effective chronic pain treatment techniques were passed to me. The hours spent in these sessions, in my case, easily equal the hours spent in the classroom.

Any one who has trained with these kind of masters will know what I am talking about. The best techniques are usually guarded and held as trade secrets, only being passed to people these kind of masters have deemed worthy from their continued dedication, talent, ethics, compassion, and other personal criteria that such a master might have.

Certification in the field of massage is a tricky affair, with many 500 hour and 1,000 hour courses in the USA doing more to confuse the matter by training either ineffectual or blatantly bad technique rather than producing competent massage therapists. Most massage schools in the USA teach Swedish Massage as the main practical therapy, which is great for relaxation purposes and of questionable value for chronic pain therapy.

In short, a healer should not be measured by the hours accumulated in the classroom, but how those hours transfer directly into the results one can achieve with someone who is suffering from chronic pain...10,000 hours of training means nothing if you cannot alleviate chronic pain suffering.

Below are the formal courses that have added to my abilities as someone who can treat chronic pain cases competently.

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