These videos were shot by me in Thailand of Yong Kiat working on a Thai Massage therapist from Italy, Roberta, and Yong Kiat's friend, Toon, as part of a collection of training sequences for my own personal library. I have approximately 15 hours of these videos cataloging all of the techniques of Blind Thai Massage and will post more of these in the future. Many thanks to Roberta and Toon for modeling for these videos!

Face Massage

Abdominal Massage

Ajahn Pisit Stretches

Prone Stretches


A "Chicken Wing" Sequence

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Google+ Reviews:

"Dan has helped remove the effects of multiple car and motorcycle crashes, snowboard mishaps, martial art and other sport injuries I've accumulated over the years. I had the start of RSI carpal tunnel and he suggested we work on this first. This is very important to me as I do computer work and was tired from having a stiff neck, hands and forearms. Dan is very efficient with time and knows many different techniques to fix whatever injury I wanted to work on. Dan is the best body worker/physical therapist that I have gotten treatment from. (no way some electrical stim and some light massage would have fixed any of these problems) We worked on maybe 15+ injuries and his talent has removed all the pain and improved how my body functions. I've learned many techniques from him to continue rehab and to- be able to play sports competativly again. I can't thank him enough and would recommend him to my family and friends. 5 stars all the way." -Ernest

"I've never experienced anything that comes close to my sessions with Daniel. His commitment to healing my very stubborn sciatica and hip pain is truly beyond compare. I've never worked with anyone who has as much integrity, dedication and skill - and amazing intuition. I've referred him to four very dear people in my life and they all continue to see him, as do I, for injuries that couldn't be solved using other methods. He really takes the time to understand what is going on with you, each time you see him, so he can determine the best treatment for you. And yes, it can be extremely painful - it helps to have a tennis ball to squeeze and engage Daniel in some conversation so laughter will help take your mind off it! I really appreciate Daniel for helping me let go of my addiction to exercise that really wasn't serving me at all - I feel lighter and more free for knowing him." -Lisa