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If you have questions about pricing or what to expect, please read this webpage before sending any email:


Please email me to set up an introductory appointment or to make inquiries. I prefer using email to book introductory appointments so there is no misunderstandings about what time and where to meet.

There is also information I need to send you along with the email confirmation, so this is the most efficient way to set up your first appointment.

After the first appointment, we can book further appointments via phone.

The office is located at:

1117 S. Bedford Street
Los Angeles, CA 90035

There is reserved parking for clients.

Thank you and all the best,

Daniel Carr

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Google+ Reviews:

"My first experience was the result of receiving "the ugly-shoe death sentence" from the doctor. Years of wearing high-heels gave me bunions. Now I was developing a painful hammer toe for which the only non-surgical solution offered by my doctor was orthopedic shoes. Unwilling to accept this as my fate, I searched for another answer. A friend suggested I check Daniel's website and I decided to contact him. Daniel was very honest, saying he didn't know if he could help me, but he was willing to try. Cut to the chase; after a few sessions, my toe was no longer contracted and I am still able to wear pretty shoes, 3.5 years later. After this first experience, I became a devotee. I have every confidence that whatever the physical problem, Daniel can resolve it and he has never let me down. Daniel's work is advertised as Thai massage but it is so very much more. Don't expect a "feel good" spa-type massage. His technique is therapeutic in nature and often involves work on deep-tissue and nerves. Daniel brings a lot to the party: knowledge of yoga, martial arts, and healing arts; in-depth understanding of the structural aspects of the body; spot-on evaluation of the underlying physical condition causing your current problem; and the skill to correct the problem. An important thing I learned from Daniel is that seemingly insignificant injuries over the years can compound and cause serious skeletal/muscular problems later in life. He will ask if I ever had this injury or that injury because he can feel the lingering aftereffects; it never ceases to amaze me that my answer is always "yes." Lastly, a comment about Daniel, the individual. He is, without a doubt, the most profound and ethical practitioner that I have encountered in any field. Daniel completes the required work in the fewest number of sessions to economize for his clients. He offers advice on exercises to give you self-help options to maintain his work and perhaps save you the cost of additional sessions. My only regret is that Daniel relocated to southern CA. While he does make trips back to San Francisco, it is comforting to know that Daniel is just a short plane ride away should I ever urgently need his help." -Emi