What To Expect

You can look forward to upon arrival:

This first bodywork session is designed to start the healing of any structural injury that you may have at present safely. You will feel improvements in range of motion as well as a deep sense of relaxation in the injured area.

You also will most probably feel sore the day after, perhaps two. The soreness felt is your body beginning to heal itself. Healing and soreness go hand in hand.

Each one of these sessions is approximately one hour:

You can expect to make significant and positive progress in your condition with any of the above. One of these sessions is regularly $150/hour, but it will discounted on the first treatment to $100. As stated previously, if you are not in any way happy, you don't have to pay.

At the end of your first session, we will know much more about your body's individual needs. At that point, I can make specific suggestions as to what your best course of action may be with respect to additional bodywork and/or Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and Kung Fu exercises to help strengthen you.

Please book by email. I will send you a confirmation via email so everything is very clear with respect to time and other relevant information.

Thank you,
Daniel Carr

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To learn more about strategies and techniques for injury rehabilitation, please to the "Injury Rehabiitation" page.

Injury Rehabilitation

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Thai Massage Theory

For more information on my technical background, see the "In-Depth" page.

In-Depth Page

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Google+ Reviews:

"I have been studying Martial arts for 30 years. When I injured my legs and shoulder 2 years ago I had to give up teaching and practicing until my body healed. I went to my doctor and had x rays and MRIs but the doctors said there was nothing they could do for me. I went to Daniel and he treated me. The relief from pain was a great feeling. I started going to traditional Thai massage clinics (to save money) with Thai nationals working on me but was never able to be completely healed. I decided to go back to Daniel and what a great decision. My legs and shoulder are completely without pain now." -Michael R.

I played soccer for many years and because of this I experience knee pain whenever I engage in a workout routine, have been on my feet all day, or for no reason at all. I am a nursing student and I cannot afford to be limited by this pain while I am in the hospital. The best I can explain my pain is as a throbbing sensation deep within my knees that seems so inaccessible for any method of relief. Thankfully, Daniel's treatment has been that method. His skill allows him to pinpoint my most problematic areas, which are different in each knee, and he curtails his treatment to exactly what my body needs depending on the location, intensity, and character of the pain. What I like best about the treatment is that Daniel is very good at recognizing the strengths and limitations of my body so I respond and work with the treatment instead of fighting against it. After each treatment my legs feel less heavy, there's less stagnation and I can feel the blood moving, my legs feel elongated and that deep pain is relieved. My time frames of pain relief are continuing to expand. I am amazed when I reflect on the week and realize I had not winched in pain once which is a place I never thought I would be. I know this will only improve. -Nicole