Injury Rehabilitation

All of the rehabilitative exercises recommended to be done in conjunction with Thai Massage are "Yogic" and come from the following traditions:

  • Hatha Yoga
  • Tai Ch'i
  • Ch'i Kung/Qi Gong
  • Kung Fu

"Yogic" here denotes a connection between anatomical realities of the body and the subtle energy currents that flow in the body: in injury rehab, there is no energetic reality without an anatomical reality behind it. The central and peripheral nervous systems are the main focus of these exercises.

The guiding principle that is used for rehabilitation is the same for training at the highest levels of athletic performance:

"Incremental increases of physical stress lead to power;
dramatic increases of physical stress lead to injury."

The most difficult cases can require a few simple exercises to be done in conjunction with the massage for a full recovery.

Other services provided include a digestive cleanse, Varisara Dhauti, that covers more ground in a one two-hour block than most 7 day fasts.

Varisara Dhauti

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Google+ Reviews:

"I had chronic pain in my neck and shoulder from a sports related injury 15 years ago. The pain escalated to the point that I had trouble sleeping through the night. I went to Dan and the first treatment gave me immediate relief. The treatment involved breaking up scar tissue and was painful, but as soon as I stood up I could feel the difference. My range of motion was better and I felt relief. After a few subsequent treatments I feel like my range of motion is as good as the non-injured shoulder and I no longer feel pain there." -Jason

"Dan is literally a life saver. I was faced with serious physical repetitive stress injuries from operating a mouse for far too long. Dan was able relieve the acute pain and helped address long standing issues from prior injuries that had not been fully corrected by a rotator cuff surgery some years ago. I went in broken and came stronger than normal." -Thomas

"Unbelievable healing ability. Dan finds the places in your body that need work, the ones that are causing you that chronic pain, the stuff you don't even realize you've come to accept as part of your life. He gets in there and the next thing you know you can look behind you to see where that car is in your blind spot with out that sharp pain, you can move your arms and shoulders looser then you can ever remember. It's direct, he digs in but he knows what hes doing and the benefits will blow your mind." -Henry

"Daniel has great skill working with elderly people who are mobility impaired. He has the physical strength to make his clients feel incredibly safe during the treatment while sharing great knowledge about physiology and healing." -Name Withheld